SlSchoolTypeCategoryTotal EnrolmentPrimary StudentsUpper Primary Students
1 HANGOON PM Govt. Primary 90 View View
2 DHABALI H/S. (AIDED). Govt. Aided Upper Primary 157 View View
3 HIYANGLAM AWANG H.H. P/S Govt. Primary 41 View View
4 PHABAKCHAO LAIPHAM UPPER P/S. Govt. Primary with Upper Primary 50 View View
5 SEKMAIJIN KH. K. M. P/S Govt. Primary 36 View View
6 SEKMAIJIN KH. K. P/S. (AIDED). Govt. Aided Primary 51 View View
7 SEKMAIJIN KH. TH. M. P/S Govt. Primary 25 View View
8 SEKMAIJIN P/S. Govt. Primary 341 View View
9 KHOIDUM P/S Govt. Primary 62 View View
10 LAPHUPAT TERA P/S. Govt. Primary 30 View View
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