SlSchoolTypeCategoryTotal EnrolmentPrimary StudentsUpper Primary Students
1 ATOUKHONG BALIKA LPM AIDED Govt. Aided Primary 32 View View
2 ATOUKHONG P/M Govt. Primary 35 View View
3 HAOREIBI CHANDAKHONG LPM Govt. Primary 55 View View
4 HAOREIBI MAKHA LEIKAI H/M Govt. Primary with Upper Primary 180 View View
5 HAOREIBI MAKHA LPM Govt. Primary 90 View View
6 MAYAI TUREL AHANBI JR.H/S. Govt. Primary with Upper Primary 207 View View
7 MAYAI TUREL AHANBI PM Govt. Primary 45 View View
8 CHINGJAO MAYAI LPM Govt. Primary 30 View View
9 CHINGJAO NUNGEI NALA LPM Govt. Primary 50 View View
10 CHINGKHAM MAKHA PM Govt. Primary 85 View View
11 MOIRANG SANGOL I T.M.T. LPM( A Govt. Aided Primary 40 View View
12 NUNGEI JR. H/S AIDED Govt. Aided Primary with Upper Primary 68 View View
13 NUNGEI KHUNOU LPM Govt. Primary 31 View View
14 NUNGEI LPM Govt. Primary 52 View View
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